Hi, I’m Kai! I’m a usability-focused copywriter with roots in Cebu, Philippines. I specialize in writing for the web and designing the blueprint behind it.

For the record, I’m not really into Starbucks coffee but no other prop resembling coffee was in sight.

Since 2011,  I help brands and marketing teams unravel the puzzle of communicating their story in between screens and beyond algorithms.

I always strive to create visceral, engaging copy for humans instead of dry, ho-hum content. Your prospects and customers are humans too. Why write copy like a bot?

Whether the goal is to explain, inspire or entertain, I write with the intention to incite action.

You can hop over to my LinkedIn for my work and university background (hint: I used to wax poetic about Botox and breast implants).

To learn about how I work, these testimonials from happy clients will clue you in.

If you need help in identifying the best way to tell your brand story so people sit up, listen, and say you totally get me.. 

Here have some cake and we’ll go down the rabbit hole together. 

Although some of my published works are ghostwritten and under non-disclosure agreements, you can go straight to my portfolio with byline.

Specialty Niches:

Health care, medical technology, nutrition, consumer psychology, behavioral economics, inbound marketing, UX/design thinking, and B2B tech.

And if you’re still reading up to this point..

I can talk non-stop about The Expanse sci-fi series, Gilmore Girls,  and the wonderful gut microbiome (fecal transplants, anyone?) until you get bored.

In addition to writing, I live for books, trails, mountains, avocados, black coffee, and a good beer.

Finally, I am currently learning how to tame tardigrades and trying really hard to perfect my one-handed kettlebell swing.