Hi, I’m Kai! I’m a copywriter, content designer, and UX writer with roots in Cebu, Philippines.

While I wear many hats, most of my work involves words and identifying the best type of content for your audience and communication goals.

When creating content for the web, I can either write for editorial (content writing & copywriting) or for experience (UX writing & content design).

You can rely on me if you’re lost in a sea of identical content, struggling with lackluster copy, or you want your readers to say — this brand totally gets me.

Healthcare (I’m a licensed nurse in my country), nutrition, wellness, SaaS (software as a service), eLearning, EdTech, and design are niche industries that I have the most experience.

What I’m proud of about my work:

  • Ability to break down complex concepts into clear, engaging pieces of information
  • Knack for synthesizing different types of information into a cohesive piece
  • Ability to shift perspectives (it’s a skill!) and tell a good story
  • High-quality research
  • In-depth understanding of user/search intent
  • Reliability and handing deliverables on time (I understand that everyone’s time is valuable).

What I usually do

I help brands and teams unravel the puzzle of communicating their story in between screens and beyond algorithms — from ideation to implementation.

I also manage and organize content (like a digital librarian of sorts).

Whether it’s for a blog post or a brief error message, I make it a point to write clear, engaging, and data-informed content.

Most recent thing that I’m proud of:

In my most recent stint for a SaaS brand in the design space, the company blog’s organic traffic increased to 200 percent from when I started to the time I left the team.

Several of our blog posts and website pages made it to page 1 of Google Search (a couple made it to featured snippets). Say hello for screenshots and links. 🙂

Want to know more about how I can help you?

You can hop over to my LinkedIn for my work and university background (hint: I used to wax poetic about Botox and breast implants).

To learn about how I work, these testimonials from clients and co-workers will clue you in.

Although some of my published works are ghostwritten, and under non-disclosure agreements, pop over to my portfolio w/ bylines. 

Other skills

Content updates, long-form content, microcopy, content marketing, technical writing, creative direction, explainer videos, taming tardigrades.

And if you’re still reading up to this point..

In addition to content design, you’ll also find me gushing about literature, speculative poetry, the gut microbiome, and behavioral economics.

I live for my one cup of black coffee a day, mountain trips, lap swimming, spending time in nature, books, and conversations over beer. Also, I’m still trying to perfect my one-handed kettlebell swing do a proper headstand.