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Kind words from previous/present clients and co-workers:

Agata Krzysztofik, former VP of Growth at Piktochart

Thanks Kai for bringing our content and copy to the next level! You make me look forward to our monthly product updates. Thank you for being the person that people can count on, for helping others to become better writers, for always staying on top of your OKRs, and for bringing new suggestions for keywords we could target and score in the top position for in the SERP. I will miss working with you!

Ana Krsmanovic, former Senior Marketing Manager at Ezra AI

I worked with and managed Kai during my time at Ezra AI. She was an integral part of the content development and management team. As such, Kai demonstrated a consistent work ethic, proactive communication and diligence toward meeting deadlines and assignments. As a registered nurse and experienced content writer, editor and manager, Kai brought domain knowledge and skill to the setting and execution of health content marketing strategy. She successfully engaged and managed writers and other cross-functional collaborators. Kai went above and beyond to ensure the successful distribution of content on social media and other communication channels, and worked diligently to build initial momentum for the brand. I happily recommend Kai and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Diane Leyman, senior content marketing manager at UsabilityHub

Robin Geuens, former SEO specialist at Piktochart

Kai and I worked closely together during my time in Piktochart. She is by far one of the best writers I’ve worked with. She’s one of the rare writers who understands how to make content interesting to read, while also optimizing it for SEO. Her articles consistently ranked well in Google.

With any other writer, I would have to double check the content and edit it – even if it was to fix a couple of typos. With Kai, I had the peace of mind knowing the content would be great and ready to publish right away. If you need a writer I highly recommend her!

Joanna Booth, former Inbound Marketing Director at Lean Labs

Kyjean is an integral part of our writing team at Lean Labs. During my time there, she worked as lead writer for many of our accounts and demonstrated a consistent work ethic, quality, and enthusiasm. I greatly enjoyed working with Kyjean!

She was communicative, and always met deadlines. She is a skilled writer who can take an outline and turn it into an engaging piece that gets results. She understands how to adjust for various writing styles, is responsive and takes direction well, is detail oriented, and understands how to follow brand guidelines.

I’m happy to recommend Kyjean to any brand seeking to boost their content creation with a strong writer who understands how to write engaging, effective content!

Casey Meehan of Epic Presence, SaaS Content Marketing Agency:

Hi Kai, I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you! (in an email)

Adam Mole:

After working with Kai for a few months, we have been very pleased with her work ethic, her diligence for submitting work, along with her always very, cleverly interesting, well researched and next to edit free articles. It has been a real pleasure. We have no doubt that any business she’s working with will be more than delighted with her work.

Ryan Walters:

Kai have been very easy to work with, and have always delivered high-quality work on time. For someone outside the company that hasn’t gone through our training program, I am impressed with her ability to write on complex topics intelligently.

If you need a writer who truly understands what it means to create useful, quality content with a bucketload of engaging personality, look no further than Kai.

In an online environment where subpar writing has become an unfortunate norm, Kai’s ability to write engaging, long-form content that converts readers into subscribers is a breath of fresh air. She’s highly creative, thoughtful, and extremely easy to work with – never missing a deadline, does revisions as necessary, and contributes her own ideas to projects.

I highly recommend Kyjean to anyone who needs an all-star writer for any serious blog or digital marketing initiative.

Lilja Þorsteinsdóttir of The Snoozle:

Thanks a lot for writing the content, I’m so very impressed, it is by far the best information we have on the website and it looks and sounds so professional.

Ghostwriting case studies for a client (SaaS content operations platform):

client feedback for ghostwriting case studies
Client feedback

Ghostwriting long-form content for a client (SaaS video):

Client feedback

Dinah Ramirez:

Kai and I collaborated on instructional content at Easelly that provided valuable learning experiences to a variety of audiences.

Kai helped me identify instructional content needs for video tutorials, and she was also accommodating if I needed help writing and editing voiceover scripts.

I also appreciated that I could always count on her to promote the content I created via social media, the blog, and newsletters. I enjoyed working with Kai, and I would not hesitate to work with her again!

Niki Torres:

Kyjean is a wonderful freelance writer. What I enjoyed about Kai is her attention to research and her writing style. Two of the topics we had given her was for an industry known to be replete with jargon. Kai was able to give a thorough background without dumbing down the content. Her writing style is perfect for the online reader where it’s both informative but also conversational. 

Working with Kai was a breeze as communication was open. That really helps when we’re managing multiple deadlines. Am more than happy to recommend Kai if you’re looking for a writer.

Austi Stenson:

I worked with Kyjean on an on-going basis for about two years, and she is great! Kyjean is very responsive and timely on all assignments. She was willing to be flexible when something urgent came up, and she was also honest about the times where her schedule did not permit her to take on extra projects. 

I appreciated the fact that she did not just tell me “yes” in those cases because she thought that’s what I wanted to hear, but she was a team player and kept her word. Kyjean is reliable and pays close attention to project descriptions.

Candace Krose:

Kyjean is a real gem to work with! Besides the fact that she is incredibly talented and creative at writing she always goes the extra mile to deliver. Her brilliant and very thoughtful writing is always stellar! She thinks outside the box and becomes fully knowledgeable about the topics she is writing about a talent that is hard to find.

Working with her has made my job seamless and her intelligent wit makes our company its marketing look exquisite. I would also add that besides her writing she is extremely knowledgeable in SEO, blogging best practices and digital marketing. She comes highly recommended from myself and our company.

Jaime Suralta:

Kyjean is currently one of our active contributing writers in Founder’s Guide. She handles her assigned tasks very well and delivers her best output on time or earlier.

She has the initiative of giving feedback and suggestions to make topics more interesting  and helpful to readers. Her articles are direct to the point and easy to understand, even if they sometimes revolve around complicated topics.

Jeff Smith:

Kyjean is a very good writer and researcher. She structures and organizes articles excellently. She also looks at things from a unique angle, and hit some passages of writing I really enjoy!