Social Media or Bullying Media? Stop Hating on Zubuchon

Recently, Zubuchon (a lechon purveyor in Cebu) is the subject of social media ridicule and mockery that, in my opinion, has blown out of proportions.

Some even left unreasonable one-star reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page, just because media outlets mentioned that they are the best lechon makers in Cebu.

I rarely talk about my thoughts on current events (even politics) but the recent social media spat is worth writing about.

Social media or bullying media?

While social networking has its own merits, it can also rear its ugly head when people behind the comfort of their screens carelessly spew out hateful and negative comments. It’s disappointing when people do this without pausing to reflect (I am even reflecting if I’m going to hit the Publish button right after I end this post).

Will you even spit out the same comments in real life?
Or are you just chiming in and joining the hive mind because your network’s going to see how supposedly insightful your thoughts are?

Admit it, some people don’t truly care, but they want to pretend that they do. There’s a huge difference between the two.

Also, have you even reflected how the other person will feel if you publish your comment?

Imagine if the roles were reversed, how would you feel?
What if it was your business?

And will your thoughts on the issue even help at all?

On empathy and getting your facts straight

As for folks who are calling out Zubuchon for their supposedly false advertising, they’re not even claiming that they’re the best. Anthony Bourdain did.

If you think Zubuchon isn’t the best, write about your opinion on your own Facebook page but do not unmindfully leave one-star reviews on the brand’s page. You can leave one-star reviews when you’ve been to the restaurant, and felt that the food and service didn’t meet your expectations.

And if you are going to write a negative review, can you at least be more helpful by politely giving suggestions on how to improve their food quality and dining experience?

Imagine you’re an employee waiting for feedback or a performance review. Your feedback says “Juan was so lazy and dumb. He can’t even understand simple instructions.” Now, wouldn’t you be riled up with this unhelpful feedback?

Zubuchon is clearly the victim of social media bullying, except that the bullies themselves are hiding behind the glow of their screens. 

Undoubtedly, social media has made our lives better. But we have to understand that it’s just a tool,  and at the end of the day, we still need to act and talk like a human.

And I’m not even paid to write for and defend Zubuchon. I don’t even agree that they have the best lechon in Cebu. But come on, Zubuchon owner Joel Binamira is right — why can’t we just strive to be better, not bitter?

Ironically, the slew of hateful comments on social media is giving Zubuchon free publicity.

If there’s something that we need to work on,  it would have to be two things —get your facts straight and imagine if the roles were reversed. You know, plain old empathy.

Hitting the Publish button now. 

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